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20 speakers

Veterans in blockchain industry from different countries who will speak at our conference

300 minutes of great talks

Length of awesome topics to cover

300+ attendees

CEOs, Devs, entrepreneurs, decision makers and crypto enthusiasts


Dinis Guarda

Dinis Guarda

CEO and Founder at Lifesci


Paul Rieger

Head of business development at NEM Europe 


Jana Petkanicova

Blockchain Consultant at AXVECO


Matt Peterman

CEO and co-founder at Insurepal


Jan-Peter Doomernik

Senior Business Developer at Enexis


Reuben Godfrey 

Co-founder of the Blockchain Association of Ireland


Lukáš Dzuroška

Country Manager at Efma         


Ondrej Pilný 

CEO and co-founder at ICOIndex




9:30 – 10:00

10:00 – 10:30

Dinis Guarda will speak about  present and future trends for blockchain. He is  is the founder/CEO of bitcoinlatina and founder President lifesci – a P2P, blockchain, search engine and PaaS. 

Some of the companies Dinis created reached $300 plus million in valuation. Dinis has advised and was responsible for some top 100 cryptocurrencies worldwide.

Dinis is involved as a strategist, board member and advisor with the reward community app Glance technologies, the seminal Hyperloop Transportations project and the crypto intelligence platform Covesting, which he is a co-founder.

He is listed in various global fintech, blockchain and AI industry top lists as an influencer in position top 10/20 or 100.

10:30 – 11:30

Matt Peterman – about blockchain in Insurance industry 

CEO and co-founder of InsurePal—blockchain start-up, successfully raising 18 million of venture capital in crypto currencies in record 80 seconds to develop a social proof insurance platform. On their endeavor to introduce an innovative approach in segmenting policyholders, his international team of insurance and blockchain experts awoke exceptional global interest among users, the media and industry experts. Peterman is no stranger to insurance industry—he has been working in insurance business and venture capital for over 15 years and as an executive and business developer for insurance fraud detection company Salviol Ltd for the last three years. He is convinced that blockchain and AI represent the missing piece that will eliminate fat from business.

Lukáš Dzuroška – about blockchain in banking industry

11:30 – 12:30

4 startups, picked by our ICO analyst partner – ICOindex will pitch themselves to win your vote. 

Every ICO will have 8 minutes to pitch themselves and 3 minutes to answer most upvoted questions. And questions from our jury. 

After pitching, participants of the conference and people on livestream will vote for best ICO. 

12:30 – 13:30

13:30 – 15:30

Jana Petkanič – co-founder of BlockchainTalks – a series of monthly conferences about blockchain technology in The Netherlands. She’s got a full-time job as a blockchain consultant at company Axveco where she’s training people on blockchain use-cases or smart contracts as well as she’s helping the clients to find out how blockchain can transform their businesses.

Jan-Peter Doomernik – the track owner of the machine 2 machine ecosystems-track of,
the biggest blockchain hackathon of the world. The
track aims to discover hints of future disruptive developments rooted in the combination of distributed ledger technologies with other technologies.

Senior Business Developer for the biggest
grid company in the Netherlands: Enexis.
As part of the Strategical Transitions department, his work is aimed at
ensuring proper access to energy while specializing in abundant systems
and disruptive infrastructures that are caring and inclusive. The main
building blocks for these new infrastructures are blockchain technology,
artificial intelligence and autonomous assets.

Paul Rieger – head of business development for NEM Europe. He is also a board member of RIAT, an internationally renowned research institute focused on cryptoeconomics and the blockchain. Previously, he founded a software company that developed enterprise SaaS platforms and blockchain solutions. Paul’s expertise is focused on pragmatic approaches to integrate software into existing businesses and the creation of scalable business models.

15:30 – 15:45

15:45 – 17:15

Ondrej Pilný

Reuben Godfrey


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